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The FINAL say about the FUTURE of our children has NOT been said…

What about the Children!

Children don’t have the power to change this world, but adults do.

Children did not create or cause the crisis in our community. They can’t fix it!

We have to begin the conversation. We must do it now!

I want to be a voice for the children. They don’t have a voice. We adults have to be the voice for them. This is not a pipe dream. It can be done. Yes We Can!

The Table’s in the homes are one of the fundamentally neglected places in this country. It’s the primary reason for the breakdown of the family. It is a place where parents and children can communicate and stay connected, and children can grow. Where families can re-connect and begin to move forward, in a positive direction.

If children are given a voice at home, where parents are not doing all of the talking, but, more importantly, listening -with compassion- without judgment, and assuring them that they really care about what’s going on in their lives, they will begin to have more confidence, and that they heard. Most importantly, they know that they matter. Where they have the assurance that no matter what, they will always have a soft place to fall.

The Table is a great place to start!


To rebuild stronger family foundations that will ensure the development and education of children


To inspire; uplift; motivate; strengthen; and restore families

To reunite and empower families toward healing and restoration.

Re-establishing unity and communication via THE TABLESupport, encourage, and empower single working mothers

The future of our nation, and our world, resides in the homes and communities that make up this Great nation. The family foundation in America is crisis -with the future of our children hanging in the balance. We’re all affected by it in one-way or another. It is not a black; brown; or white problem; it is an American problem. There’s no time for blame. It is time to find solutions. The children can’t do it, but adults can.

Everything starts and leads back to family. Change has to begin at home. By the time a child enters pre-school or kinder garden, they have an established value system- an identity about themselves- influenced by their primary caregivers( aka) Parents.

The purpose for this piece is to use it as an inspirational tool to turn the hearts of fathers and mothers back to the children. Coming Back to the Table is where it can begin. The Tables in this 21st century have become a catchall- where junk is gathered or discarded. Or it’s a picture perfect show place that is only used for holidays and special occasions. It’s time to clear off and restore ‘The Table’ back to it’s original purpose, and  reap all of the wonderful benefits It will provide to  keep the family connected and growing strong- in a positive direction.

I hope that by accepting an invitation to a “Meet me at the Table” performance,  book  parents and all families will be persuaded to reprioritize their time and make the necessary adjustments in their everyday lives to begin dining with family on a regular basis. The payoff will be enormous!  I have learned in my own lifetime as a parent, and grandparent, that it is not things that make the difference in children’s lives;It is the commitment of quality TIME.